Designing an Effective Poster

This workshop was held as part of the Linguistisches Frühstück series at the HPSL, Freiburg. You can see the details of the event here.


Posters are quickly becoming a fixture of academic conferences as organisers try to give more opportunities for academics to share their work. However, many often see a poster presentation as a poor alternative for a talk, rather than taking advantage of the opportunities given by print medium to transmit their message.

We will explore how we can best design a poster to communicate our research by discussing insights from the ‘Better Poster’ movement and graphic design, as well as learning about a few tools for creating a poster. Bring pen, paper, and your creativity with you!


Please note that this recording is only of the first two thirds of the workshop.

Naomi Peck
Naomi Peck
PhD Student; Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

PhD linguist who is interested in how units are formed, wherever they are found in language.