The phonetics and phonology of Mindri, a dialect of Kera'a (Idu)


Kera’a (clk, idum1241, ‘Idu‘) is a “Digarish” (Kera’a-Tawrã) language spoken by approximately 12,000 Idu Mishmi in Arunachal Pradesh, India. This talk will focus on the phonetics and phonology of Mindri, a dialect of Kera’a spoken in the Dibang Valley district. The phonology of Kera’a (“Idu Mishmi”) has previously been described in various sources (e.g. Jiang 2005, Peck 2020, Reinöhl in press), but no work on the language has yet included insights from this previously undocumented dialect. Based on data collected in early 2020, I will begin by outlining the segmental and suprasegmental phonological systems of Mindri, with particular reference to prenasalised obstruents, glottal stop clusters and tone on monosyllables. I will then follow this with an integrated account of a language-level Kera’a phonology informed by areal, dialectal and historical context.

International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics 53, University of North Texas
Naomi Peck
Naomi Peck
PhD Student; Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

PhD linguist who is interested in how units are formed, wherever they are found in language.